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Over 300,000 car accidents occurred inside our condition in 2017, and over one thousand people lost their lives from the terrible injuries which were suffered. With Midland being the most filled city in Tx, it’s safe to state that a huge part of those wrecks happened here. Folks are getting harmed, both in their vehicle and by walking, each day in this city. Like a Midland car crash attorney group, our professions at Buckingham Barrera LAWYER, have grown to be quite important, and we make an effort to uphold our trustworthiness of reliability. When you or someone that you care about has been injured in a life-changing auto accident, you can turn to our auto accident attorneys for the advice and care that will help get you back on your feet.

How A Midland Car Accident Lawyer Helps

Automobile accidents injure roughly 65,000 people each year. When one of those people ends up being you, new and unexpected stressors are suddenly attacking you physically, mentally, and financially. That’s when a car accident lawyer from our firm comes along and sorts everything out for you. Our auto accident legal professional will help you in working with insurance companies, submitting paperwork, and remaining on the right track to a successful settlement.

A dedicated Buckingham Barrera Law Firm auto accident attorney will fight to try to win you payment in the form of a settlement that could cover some or all of your injury related costs, including, but not necessarily limited to:

Lost Wages from missed time at work due to injuries from your automobile accident
Medical bills related to your automobile accident
General pain and suffering

What To Do After An Accident

With the potential threat of fireplace and explosions, flashing lights and broken glass being everywhere, the scene of a major accident can frequently be very dangerous and disorienting – particularly if you have been injured.

It’s very important to notice that if you cannot move or are pinned in a car, it is paramount that you keep your cool, and use deliberate, deep breaths to help soothe your nerves. Generally, help will be along the way.

However, if you or someone that you like has been involved with a “fender bender”, there are a few quick, simple things that you’ll require to remember when you are still at the incident scene:

Await a police officer to reach
Immediately demand help
Find out if other people has been injured
Take pics of the incident picture with your cellular phone
Gather the contact information from the other driver
Obtain information from any witnesses to the crash
Never leave the scene of the accident
By following these simple steps, it helps to retain information that is often lost quickly after the accident area is cleared.
People generally forget the details of a collision soon after it has finished, and so by keeping these basic records, it can help to build a better quality lawsuit if you need to pursue legal action for any injuries or damages that you may have sustained.

What May Help Your Auto Accident Injury Claim

Immediately After A Car Crash:

If you are seriously hurt, without a doubt, you should go to the emergency room via ambulance. There is nothing more important than your well-being. If you’re injured but in a position to function, it may be beneficial to get a little of information from the other drivers. Here’s what we should recommend providing to your car TEXAS Accident Attorneys:

Driver’s name, contact number, and email
Their insurance provider and policy number
Vehicle owner’s information, if different
Names and amounts of witnesses
Photos and videos of the picture, specifically damage
A copy of the authorities report
Any expenses that stemmed from the wreck

After Departing The Scene OF THE CAR ACCIDENT:

The main factor as it pertains to a vehicle accident injury claim is how much harm your body suffered. As any car crash law firm will let you know, the ultimate way to show your accidental injuries is by seeking professional medical care after your wreck. See a doctor, get diagnosed, and save all paperwork pertaining to your medical care such as bills or prescriptions. Consulting a doctor is the best decision you can make for your health as well as your case.

Free Case Evaluations With An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

When automobile accidents happen, people often ask themselves “SHOULD I even have a case?” Answering this question can be easier than you may think.

We offer free preliminary case assessments with a skilled auto accident personal injury lawyer. This enables you to obtain a professional judgment on your case from an automobile crash attorney for free, providing you with a definite idea of your legal options and what to do next. When you meet with an Buckingham Barrera Law Firm auto accident injury attorney for a free case evaluation, there are no strings attached – you are not required to hire our car lawyers.